Driver: Owen Romzek

Age: 12

Location: Las Vegas

Organization: INEX

Division: Bandolero Outlaw

Owen has been a racing fan since the first race his Dad took him to at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Since then, when he isn’t eating, sleeping, or going to school, he is racing! Or sometimes he is still racing while eating, or dreaming about racing, or pretending his eraser is a race car on his desk! (You get the idea, he is obsessed)! It doesn’t matter what kind of racing it is, it could be racing bikes or scooters at the park, or working on his digital racing skills on the XBox, he just loves to be racing!

However, his favorite thing to do is recreate real races with his matchbox cars on his hand-drawn race tracks on recycled cardboard. Especially, while watching NASCAR races on the weekends with his dad, but even if there isn’t a race on TV he is on the floor racing with his matchbox cars.

In Kindergarten he wore his fire suit to school for “Dress for your Future Career” Day at school, and no matter what he is doing he finds a way to bring it back to racing. He learned to drive a golf cart at his Grandparent’s farm when he was five-years-old and then learned to drive a Razor at eight-years-old. The last time we were back in Michigan, his brother drove the golf cart, which was the pace car, and he drove the Razor, which was the race car! They played for hours!

He officially started his racing career racing a quarter midget at a dirt track, which he only did for a brief time before an opportunity arose for him to start driving a Bandolero Bandit.

Now he is living his dream at the Bullring driving the #72 Outlaw!